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Membership Levels and Requirements

Welcome to join Fairywigs.com! Being a member of Fairiwigs, you enjoy boundless privileges.
Membership level is determined by the aggregate amount of a member’s spending. There are nine levels as listed below. (Currency=$)
(Shipping fee will not be counted into Aggregate spending)

Level Aggregate spending Discount
200-499 5%
500-899 6%
900-1399 7%
1400-2099 8%
2100-2999 9%
3000-9999 10%

(1) Aggregate spending is the aggregate amount of all complete orders.
(2) The special discount is applied to the purchase price of the order before adding in the shipping fee.
(3) The special discounts can be used in conjunction with other discounts, unless the other discounts state that they must be used alone.
(4) The special Membership rebate has no deadline and it depends only on the membership level.
(5) The system will upgrade your level only when you click the button to confirm delivery 

Maintaining Membership Level:
If a member does not buy any item for a year, he/she will be degraded by one level, with a new score set to the highest of that new level, until he/she is no longer a member. The system will send notification e-mails two months, one month, and one week before the downgrade. So the customer will be reminded for three time to avoid being downgraded.


Membership Upgrade:
The aggregate amount of a customer’s orders decide the membership level. We will inform the customer by e-mail upon each upgrade.


If a customer requests a refund, the amount refunded will be deducted from the customer’s total accumulated amount.


Special Membership Rebates:
Special members can also earn bonus rebates by placing orders for various amounts, according to the table below. (Currency=$)
Amounts in one order and corresponding rebates (shipping fee not included)
0-99 USD eligible for 5 USD rebates
100-199 USD eligible for 8 USD rebates
200-599 USD eligible for 10 USD rebates
600 USD and above eligible for 15 USD 

Warm notes: When an order values $10,000 or above, please contacts our customer service for discounts directly.
Email: service@fairywigs.com

(1) The Special Membership rebate has no deadline, and depends only on the membership level.
(2) Order amounts does not include shipping cost.
(3) When both special membership rebates and membership discounts are applicable, the discounts are firstly applied, and then the rebates will be applied.


The Membership Points Usage:

1. When you use the membership points to get cash reduction and complete the order, your membership points will be deducted automatically.
2. If you want a refund of the order, we can only return the actual money that was paid, not the points.

(Fairywigs reserves all rights to judgment in the event of disputes under the membership rules.)