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Our customers can submit your own realistic picture that you wearing the wig via any way as following win cash bonus, let's have a try!

Collecting Chanel:
1. Email us your picture
2. log into My Account send picture to us
3. post picture

24 hours to be verified those pictures.
Rewards will credit to your PayPal account directly within 5 working days.

No limitation on the picture size
Order number is needed for the customers who send pictures via Email

How much you are gonna get?
Earn 3% back on the picture you sent for the single item.
Remark: The 3% rewards will depend on how much you paid on the wig

Reward means:
Website: After submitting the picture successfully, the auditor will check the pictures within 24 hours. Once the pictures passed, you will get the money within 5 working days.

Email &Facebook :
Auditor will check the pictures from you , the 3% rewards will go to your PayPal account directly with the given time.

Submission process:
My account → order → order details → submit pictures and reviews → submit successfully → Passed within 24 hours → credit the money to your PayPal account within 3-5 working days.

Fairywigs.com reserves the ultimate interpretation authority.